From Sharm El Sheik
August 4, 2011
Duration: 6 Days by Jeep
August 4, 2011

From Hurghada


After finishing all the historical visits, it would be time to lie back on the soft sand, put on your sun tan oil and glasses and get ready to let the Egyptian sun warm you. And just when you’re beginning to think that the sun is getting too warm, dive into the mysterious sea where you will discover hidden treasures and rare marine-life. If you’re looking for some excitement, then you can always explore the pulsating discos and cafes. In short you can never get fed up in this area with its various major destinations: Mainland Egypt and Hurghada.

Island Boat Trip – Full day
Sail in a motor boat to spend a day on one of the nearby islands, an area rich with reefs and corals. Spend a relaxing day snorkeling, enjoying the sun and sea, swimming in the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea and sunbathing on the fine, white sands. A picnic lunch will also be enjoyed on this lovely, spoiling day out.

Underwater Vision Catamaran Cruise – Two hours
An exciting opportunity to see the fantastic coral reefs and deep, blue waters teeming with marine life, observed through underwater panoramic windows in a catamaran motorboat. Enjoy the sun, sea and entertainment with no need to dive or snorkel. This is an unforgettable experience and not to be missed as the Red Sea marine life is world famous.

Sharm El Naga – Full day tour
One of the most beautiful bays on the Red Sea, with sandy beaches, colorful corals and a wide variety of fish, Sharm El Naga is an ideal place for water sports like swimming, snorkeling and diving. This natural underwater environment is teeming with marine life and will be an experience you will not forget.

Submarine Exploration – Two hours
A wonderful opportunity to experience the underwater world of the spectacular Red Sea in a real submarine. Carrying 44 passengers with pilots, the submarine descends to a depth of 22 meters where you can see the colorful coral reefs and marine life observed. This is truly an unforgettable trip and no visit to Hurghada is complete without this submarine experience.

Barbecue Desert Safari – Evening
Take a ride on a camel into the desert and experience life as lived by the Bedouin people. You will dine under the stars in a traditional style tent, eating a delicious barbecue cooked over a hot fire. This is a fascinating experience and one not to be missed, enjoying the desert under the night sky.

Red Sea Monasteries (Except on Religious holidays) – Full day
Drive north along the coast to visit the Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul. Built in the 4th century AD and dramatically set against the cliffs of the eastern desert plateau, St Anthony’s Monastery has several churches and chapels and intriguing medieval graffiti. St. Paul’s is a slightly younger monastery but containing equally fascinating artifacts.

Luxor – Full day/overnight tour
Luxor, the treasure chest of antiquities, should not be missed. It is three towns in one: The modern town on the East Bank of the Nile, the immense temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the intriguing Theban Necropolis on the opposite West Bank including the spectacular Hatshepsut’s Temple, the impressive Valley of the Kings and the great Colossi of Memnon.

Cairo – Full day/overnight tour
No holiday to Egypt is complete without a visit to the magnificent sights of Cairo – the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza and the Egyptian Museum housing some of the world’s most fabulous treasures from the collection of King Tutankhamun and many ancient artifacts. As an additional option, depending on time, Islamic or Coptic Cairo could also be visited.

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