Duration: 6 Days by Jeep
August 4, 2011
Duration (6 Days) by Jeep
August 4, 2011

Duration: 4 Days by Jeep

Classical Great Sand Sea Crossing

Duration: 4 Days by Jeep
Grade 2: easy
Route: Cairo- Al Harra Oasis- Abu Moharik Dune- Djara Cave- Baharyia Oasis- Cairo

Day 1 Cairo – Bahariya – Abu Mohariq
Meet in Cairo and drive to Baharyia Oasis. Drive on top of the escarpment overlooking the Oasis and reach at the Abu Mohariq dune. Camp

Day 2 Sand Boarding
Wake up at leisure, though it is preferable to have an early rise. When the sand is still cold it is more compact and the speed is almost twice as fast. We will be using polishing pastes as well for faster sand boarding. BBQ night at camp.

Day 3 Sand Boarding – Djara Cave
An early rise is essential to have some exhilarating sand boarding before we depart to the magnificent Djara Cave . We will set our electric generator and 500W spot lights to light up the Cave and enjoy the marvelous stalagmite and stalactites.

Day 4 Bahariya
Early rise, breakfast at camp and we resume our track towards the Baharyia oasis. Lunch at convenience in the shadow of an acacia trees. Then we head to the Oasis where a private shuttle bus will be waiting for us to drive back to Cairo.

Travelers of the adventurous type who want to spend more time sand boarding an alternative program sails along the formidable Abu Moharik dune belt; the longest dune belt in the world stretching for about 500km. We would be spending Day 3 and day 4 sand boarding in higher and more adrenaline stirring dunes.

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